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Yongping Village,Lihe Town,
Huinong District,Ningxia,
China 753600
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  • Dehydrated vegetable is used manual way to get rid of the water in the fresh vegetables, almost 95% of the water in the vegetables is extracted during the dehydration process.
  • Dehydrated vegetables keep the vegetables original flavor, color and nutrition, and are convenient to use.
  • After dehydration process, a substantial reduction of weight and volume, it is easy to pack, delivery, and long time shelf storage, no freezing or refrigeration required.
  • Fully stainless cleansing line, mainly air dried.
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  • The company owns advanced production line from prtreat,processing,to post-treat.Includes fully stainless cleansing line,cutting machine, stainless baking tank,metal detecting device,static removing machine.
  • Advanced production techniques,strict management,and multi-stage quality inspection assure the supply of the highest quality to customers.
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  • Various specifications of over 10 species of dehydrated vegetable can be supplied in froms of granules,dices,bar,segment,powder,flakes and cubes,ect.
  • New product can be provided with the group's research organization upon special requirements from customer.
  • Products of the company are delivered and sold in Europe,America,Southeast Asia,Australia.Punctual delivery can be made upon customer's requirement.

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